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Back in 1997, a small start-up company called Innovative Safety Systems, Inc. approached the company I worked for at that time and pitched a creative idea. They wanted us to outsource our loss prevention instead of using the traditional services provided by an insurance company. After several meetings with them, they convinced us that was the way to go. During the next year, they helped us accomplish the following goals:

  • 30% reduction of workers compensation claims
  • Update and/or write all the OSHA compliance policies
  • Implement a safety incentive plan
  • Significantly increase the safety awareness throughout all of our plants
  • Provide monthly training for all supervisors and safety committee members

In the spring of 1998, I started with a new company. One of the first changes that I made when I arrived here was to bring ISSI in. Once again, they have helped tremendously with our safety programs. I give them the guidance of what I want done with the programs, and they follow through to the end. Contracting with ISSI will make your job a lot easier. They will come into your company and provide the services that you need.

-- Human Resource Manager, Paper Product Manufacturer

"Innovative Safety Systems, Inc. has assisted us with establishing safety and environmental issues. They have been a tremendous partner every step of the way, and the employees have benefited by ISSI's guidance and support!!!"

-- Divisional Supervisor, Furniture Manufacturer

"Innovative Safety Systems, Inc. has been serving our safety needs since February 1999. As the Human Resource Coordinator, I am very impressed with the professionalism of their staff and with the quality of their safety training. Our contact is always available and willing to serve our safety needs. I value the expertise and look forward each month to the visit."

-- Human Resource Coordinator, CNC Manufacturer

"Thank you for the opportunity to give my input on Innovative Safety Systems, Inc. Having worked with another company that was supposed to be an expert safety coordinator, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to comment on the difference between the two companies. After having spent thousands of dollars and numerous hours of my own valuable time with another safety consultant and ending up with almost zero results and only one safety meeting accomplished after 6-8 months, I was desperately looking for someone new. I am eternally grateful to my insurance agent for recommending ISSI to me. With their continuous help and infinite organizational skills, we have our entire compliance program well in hand. We have regular meetings, we keep up on our routine training, and they perform monthly spot checks in our shop to help alleviate possible problem areas before they cause an injury. I am extremely happy with my decision to work with ISSI. They are very knowledgeable and have a "no nonsense" attitude with regard to compliance; however, they come across in a very honest and personable way with my employees. I feel confident that ISSI would do an excellent job for any company interested in OSHA compliance and injury prevention."

-- Controller, Job Shop

"Our representative from Innovative Safety Systems, Inc. has improved the safety consciousness of all our employees. For a small shop like us, it really helps to have an independent person with a responsibility for safety. It takes the pressure away from the supervisors to simply enforce rules that have been established by our safety committee through the efforts of our representative from ISSI."

-- President, Metal Spinning

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