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Holiday Safety Tips to Share with Employees

As the holiday season approaches, the potential for accidents, injuries and other mishaps increases. Help make the holidays a time of joy for your employees and ensure a safe return to work with the following tips:

  • If selecting a live Christmas tree be sure it is fresh. Dry trees can be a potential fire hazard.
  • Keep trees, both live and artificial, away from heat sources such as ducts and fireplaces.
  • Examine lights before hanging. Inspect before placing and always unplug before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • Candles should never be left unattended. Make sure candles are in holder that will not tip.
  • When preparing holiday meals, always remember: keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Keep food, utensils and preparation surfaces clean.
  • Never drink and drive or allow guests to leave while intoxicated.
  • If traveling over the holidays, pre-plan the trip allowing for scheduled rest stops. Have basic emergency equipment handy such as a first-aid kit, flashlight, spar tire, flares, etc.

Learn how to effectively minimize holiday stress with these Top 10 Stress Busters:

  1. Avoid excess food, alcohol and caffeine.
  2. Take time to nurture yourself with a brisk walk outdoors, your favorite music, a warm bath and a good book.
  3. Surprise an old friend with a phone call instead of a card.
  4. Appreciate the simple pleasures of the season: snowflakes falling, a child's expression of wonder, candlelight, a hot cup of cocoa.
  5. Forget the "shoulds" and make commitments to do only those things you and your family really want to do.
  6. Practice seeing the humor in all of your holiday challenges.
  7. Plan a special event for you and your family in the New Year to help beat the post-holiday blues.
  8. Spend within you budget, and avoid January's financial hangover.
  9. Remember that each year presents opportunities for remaking old and adding new traditions to your family's celebrations.
  10. Embrace a positive attitude of gratitude for all your blessings.